I have not turned on my laptop for about 2 months because I didnt have a charger, i charged it last night and it wouldnt turn on, even the fan wasnt running just the power light and the hard drive light blinking rapidly I thougth it was because the battery hasnt been charged in a long time so i let it charge overnight and when i woke up it was still the same. i hope the motherboard hasnt crashed or something. please help.

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What laptop is it?

HP G71 340US

It may be RAM issue. Is there BOIS bootscreen coming when you power on?
Any sound coming when you power on?

No nothing coming on at all. No sound either.

sometimes when they sit ,the humity is so great ,that they sweat!
what i would first try is to remove and reinstall the ram chips ,and maybe even the harddrive ,just remove and reinstall to to make new contact with the motherboard slots

Thank you I will try that

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