i have 3 ram each of 1024mb. 2 are ddr2 & 1 is ddr3. my motherboard suport both of them
but i cann't set all. motherboard bios says for this setting to need to set jumper
setting but how?

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Your motherboard doesn't support both of them, it supports one or the other. You cannot sucessfully mix the 2 types.

it means that your mother board, has to compatibility of ram required, either one of them ddr2 or ddr3,, agree of RIK,, you cannot put the 2 rams ddr2 and ddr3 together...select only one.

At at time u can use only one type of ram either u can use ddr2 ram or ddr3 ram. As both the architecture are different.

use only ddr2 or only ddr3

Use the DDr3 ram because ith has the highest fsb than ddr2 ram

You might as well get ddr3 RAM because it's hardware is more updated and it's relatively cheap.

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