my bluetooth is not working now.....i have installed new window and after instalation it is not working before the window installation it was working when i want to instal the driver of bluetooth then it said "no hardware detected check your device is connected properly" i think its a hardware problem kindly give me some suggestion

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hi, did you go to your computer makers website and download and install bluetooth drivers for it .check device manager to make sure drivers are installed

There may be a hardware or software switch for the bluetooth device, you have to make sure it is turned on so that the driver can "see" it.

how to on my bluetooth device????

You haven't told us what computer you have so no idea!!!

IBM lenovo B570e intel core i3 and i have original drivers

Operating System?

You may need to check if Windows (if you are using Windows) has installed drivers that are blocking the ones you want to install. If nothing else works then uninstall one by one from device manager any hardware you currently have Vendor drivers for, and then use your own drivers.

i am using windows 7 from where can i check the window has the drivers or not....i have installed lenovo drivers

It being a lenovo you most likely have a combined wireless and bluetooth card. You need to uninstall the wireless card, then install the lenovo driver for the wireless card and then the lenovo bluetooth driver. That should fix the problem.

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