The area in which I live and work seems recently have been hit by pretty regular power interuptions, some lasting perhaps for only a second or two, but long enough to cause my office computers to reboot. It's impossible to predict when one of these power cuts will hit, so even with regular backups and continual saving it's inevitable that work in progress at the time of the outage sometimes can (and does) get lost. For this reason, I am considering investing in a UPS, and wonder if anyone reading this post can recommend any particular make and model, perhaps having had previous experience of using such a device. Ideally the UPS would be able to support the operation of all of the computers in my office, which mostly amounts to just one single desktop, but can be up to 4 during busy periods. Constructive advice would be appreciated.

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I typically buy from the APC brand. However, there are other brands out there that will do the job as well.

No matter what device you purchase, its important that you maintain these devices properly (routine checks, replace batteries when they go bad, etc..) because they do fail and you want to know their working condition before a power event occurs, not during.

I think that's definitely a good idea if you are having power issues. The type you buy will depend on how many pc's and laptops you'll need to protect. I like Dell products and they have many UPSs depending on the number of terminals that are used. If only a small-few computers, then perhaps something like an APC located here may do the trick.

Thanks for the information. I'll certainly take a look at both APC and Dell UPS and will most likely opt for one or the other. Power cuts are a real pain, and not really something you should expect from a modern day supply company, so I shall be glad when I've put in place the UPS safeguard. As I mentioned in my initial post, the present power cuts only seem to be a second or 2 in length, but what if they become longer in duration? How long will most UPS keep equipment running for, before their batteries become exhausted?

You'd have to look at individual specs for that type of information.

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