I've finally gotten around to setting up my backup and file server, inside it has a set of hard drives which I've recovered from various computers. The drives are all in good condition, and are sized as:

  • SDA - 320.1 GB
  • SDB - 250.1 GB
  • SDC - 164.7 GB

I am using Ubuntu Server 12.10 Headless as my OS of choice.
So far, on SDA I have a 10GB boot partition and a 10GB swap partition, which leaves a total of 714.9GB of space which I am using in a RAID5 format and mounting as the root partition. From what I gather, RAID5 uses a theoretical 1/3 of the total disk space for parity which means that my available disk space which I can use to store files should be 476.6GB. The problem is, the Ubuntu disk partition manager shows that my remaining usable space is 329.1GB which is a significant drop on what it should be?

Am I looking at this wrong?


Never mind, realised it has to use the smallest available disk space for the RAID.


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