My computer will not power up. The green light on the PSU is blinking green. I have found one solution but it only fixed it temporarily. I will go through the steps that I was using to get the computer to power on. To get the computer to start:

1: Unplug the PSU from the PSU itself
2: Unplug the 20/24 pin connector from the motherboard
3: Plug the PSU back in
4: While holding the power switch down reconnect the 20/24 pin connector.

Now for some reason this isn't working. Every now & then I get the fans to start to spin but its only for a split second. I tested with another PSU that is brand new that I know works and still nothing. Does anyone have a solution? I am really hoping the motherboard isn't fried.

Some new info. Ok, so I took the motherboard battery out for a few minutes and put back in and now when I try the steps above the fans start to spin every time but then shut back off...

Nevermind, problem solved...Dead motherboard battery...

Glad we could help. :)

when you replace motherboard battery good idear to check all your bios settings as well
time etc

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