I have a 2 month old HP Pavillion G6 and it turns on fine and i can log on and every thing but it keeps randomly making a beep sound and then the screen turns black, the computors still on but the only way to get my screen back on is to shut the screen then open it back up agian. nothing is wrong with the fan because its not over heating it therse not even a specific timing its all completely random pleas help.

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In relation to "randomly making a beep sound a" computers have codes that match up with the types of beep and issues. Example.. two long beeps equals issue 1... one short and one long beep equals another issue. I would listen to the beeps and then google the computer model type with the beeps...

Example Search: HP Pavilon 2 long post beeps

I am guessing there might be an issue with your video card or memory..

There could be a hardware problem, -as mentioned above.
As the computer usually generates a beep, when there are problems with the hardware.

Otherwise, make sure you have the latest drivers installed.

The problem is most likely to be hardware-related, probably videocard or monitor issue..

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