Ok I have a computer which has died so to speak.

Asus P5N73-AM mobo
Sata HDD
ATI gfx card
E6600 Processor
2 Gig of RAM
DVD Combo etc...

And basically its not sending signal the monitor.

Lets start from the beginning I have tried the monitor and cable on a laptop and it works fine. So the cable and monitor are fine.

I've replaced the motherboard with the one mentioned above, from a P5VD2-MX-SE.

The processor has been replaced thanks to Intels warranty.

The power supply has been replaced.

It's virtually a brand new machine except for the graphics card and hard drives and RAM.

When I take out everything but the processor I get no BIOS beep codes.

And after all this I STILL get no signal. I've tried the heap of crap on another monitor to no avail. Onboard doesn't seem to give anything to the monitors either....So I don't know what to do...

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

Edit: I forgot to state that this originally started on the old asus mobo, then carried over to the new mobo. And if I remember correctly it wouldn't POST on my old mobo for some reason.

Powers up and everything as well fans go...Haven't tried the capslock trick yet as my keyboard doesnt have the lights on it. Wireless sucks.

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Well i've plugged the keyboard in and i'm not getting the light for caps lock or any of the others. Though when I plug it in the lights go on then off on the keyboard but I can't get them on. The fron LED goes red for approx 30 seconds but i'm not sure if its meant to do that (can't remember) but i do know the red LED is whats used when data is been processed (Flashing)

Soooo im stumped.

When I take out everything but the processor I get no BIOS beep codes.

So another faulty mainboard?

without Ram, the system should beep.

Hope this helps!

Solved. Both RAM sticks were faulty as wa sthe new PSU.

Thanks for the replies.

Could be a grounding issue. see if mb, ram, hd, PS, vid. card, keyb, and mouse will fire-up out of the case. Jump the MB power pins with screwdriver.

Ahh I see you are solved. I should read down further. Glad to hear you were successful.

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