my desktop is not working..if I turn on..theres is no display..and after a few second the fan suddenly stop...
what is the problem of my desktop plss tell me???

there must be problem with your RAM or Motherboard...Just remove the RAM from motherbord slots and wipe it with an eraser ..this might solve problems.

Do you hear any POST beeps when it first starts up? It definitely does sound like a possible RAM issue. When did this problem first start, and were you doing anything different prior to this happening?

Wipe RAM with eraser

Cleaning RAM with an eraser is as archaic and unhelpful as a Lobotomy for bad moods. Please don't use an eraser.

Please tell us more about your computer, how old it is, what brand and model it is, or whether someone built it for you. Have you made any changes to it?

replace pop up capacitor at mobo, check your powersuply using voltmeter...

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