hi. i have a laptop hp g61. i opened the cases and cleaned the cpu fan becasuse it was over heating. i also cleaned the cpu and other parts of the laptop. i closed the cases and puting all the accessories to their original places. i plugged in all the cables in their own places. and after i finished it i tried to turn it on. after i press the button to turn it on the power button light + wireless's button light+ light of the motheboard is turned on for 2 seconds and then they all turn off. the computer is not turning on. i opened it again to check if i made a mistake with cables but i didn't detect any mistake.
what should be the problem ?

When you say you cleaned the CPU, what exactly does that mean? The removal and replacement of a CPU is a very delicate operation and can easily be done erroneously. If I was to guess, your problem is there.

i removed the cpu from its own place and i cleaned its surface. that i puted it back on its own place.taking care of the direction and pulling it carefully.

It will be difficult for anyone to give you a definitive answer but I think the CPU is where the trouble is. Three things could have happened, 1, you damaged the CPU, 2, you damaged the motherboard, or 3, you damaged both.

if the cpu pins are not sticked deep enough, can this problem happen ?

If the pins are ben or broken you will have troubles for sure. The only way they wouldn't stick deep enough is if the pins are bent or the whole CPU isn't aligned properly. Either way, it's bad news.

i have a pc computer. can i test its cpu on laptop motherboard or the cpu of the laptop on the motherboard of the pc?
they are both AMD.

Unfortunately I don't think that is possible. They great proprietary designers of this world don't like to make parts like this compatible across other platforms. At least not as a rule!

if they are the same size and the pins can fit can this work ?
i checked the cpu pins and they look un destroyed or damaged. now i remeber that when i removed the cpu i used the screwdriver because it was deep sticked. now i can not stick it that deep :/

Yeah, I'd say that with using the screw driver, you damaged either the cpu, motherboard, or (most likely) both. Time for some new hardward.

As for using your pc's cpu, if you don't mind possible destroying that one too then go for it but I would strongly recommend that you don't.

What about the CPU's heat sink? If you removed it and didn't glue it back on with proper heat conducting glue, the CPU will overheat in a matter of seconds and shut down. Just a thought.

commented: True but note the screwdriver post! +4

thankyou guys. i solved it. i noticed that i dint stick the pins deep enough. now it works. thank for your help :))))

Well you got lucky there nstrazmiri! I wouldn't suggest doing this again if I was you.

if you cleaned the thermal paste[not glue]off the cpu chip you will need to replace with new paste or you willhave overheating and could damage the cpu

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