I'm running Win 7 Pro and my HP ScanJet 5370C is not recognized by Win 7. It has to do with the drivers. HP has not seen fit to provide them for Win 7. So I installed XP Mode and installed the HP Scanjet software under XP and when I launch HP PrecisionScan Pro, I get the following error message, "Sorry, scanner could not be initialized. (Scanner not found.)". When I plug or unplug the scanner USB cable, I do get a sound response from the system.

Has anybody out there run into this and solved the problem? I hate ro replace the scanner because I don't use it that much but when I do, I still works perfectly or at least it did before Win 7.


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You should beable to use Vista drivers for windows 7 without a problem. I have windows 7 64bit and an HP officejet 7210 printer working fine with Vista drivers!

Ric, I've been out to the HP web site under Software & Driver Downloads - HP Scanjet 5370C Scanner. There is a dropdown there that lists the supported operating systems for the Scanjet and Vista and Win 7 is not listed. Only Xp back to NT 4.0. There is another piece of info on that screen the says "I dont see my operating system" and when clicked, says "If your operating system is not listed, HP does not have software or driver downloads available for this product in that operating system". This is what I stated in my original plea for help, no driver for Win 7. That's why I went with the Virtual PC and Xp Mode software to allow me to run the scanner in virtual Xp. But I can't seem to get it to work.


You are out of luck with that printer then!

I have been using my 5370c for years with Vuescan from www.hamrick.com
It costs $35/yr or $70/lifetime. Good luck.

hi , i suggest reinstall running the dl setup file configured for compat mode XP sp3 and run as admin, then navigate to the printer program files / folders and manually update all application (exe) files to run as admin and also compat mode XP sp3
same procedure if vista is supported , try compat mode vista sp2
best also temp disable security resident scanners as a precaution against security halting an install process
dl setup files from oem vendor site
ps - can also set compat mode of an oem vendor optical drive disk media setup file
Almost aways worked for me

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