hello guys, this is my first post..

i am using this lg 500g crt monitor. it runs smooth till last week. the computer starts as usual , num key blinks means windows is running normaly..monitor led green blinking very fast which is unusal.

on off not working when i tried to off it. screen is showing nothing..

please guys help me out on this...

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Assuming you checked all the cable connections between the PC and monitor, the problem may be a simple failure. See if you can get the monitor to bring up its internal configuration options/menu and such. If they display, then you know that the monitor's basic display functions are ok and that the likely issue is the interface.


hello rubberman, the screen is all black..not showing no signal msg also i.e. no display but the led didn't turn red or any other color.. it blinks green and rapidly..


it blinks green and rapidly..

You may want to check the vendor's website for documentation on this monitor if they have it available. Sometimes, these LEDs will blink in certain patterns that indicate what the problem is.

What I suspect is that the cost to repair the failure may not be worth it based upon the low cost of new monitors.

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