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I have a Dell Inspiron 620 desktop. I was working on iTunes when the computer froze. I couldn't get it to do anything. I ended the itunes process in task manager. Everything still froze. I turned the computer off for a bit. Turned it back on and all that came up was a black screen with a solid white dash in the upper left corner. The fans are running, sounds like it is working, but nothing. No disk in the CD will come up on screen. It just remains black. I have unplugged everything but mouse and keyboard and no USB plugged in. The white dash or underscore does not flash. There are no beeps. Is this a bad hard drive problem? Oh, I tried another monitor and the same screen comes up: black with that solid white dash at the top.

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The first thing you need to do is test your hard drive. You will need to take it out and test it with another computer with a usb adapter and hdtune which can easily be found with google.

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Can I do that test on a computer that does not have as big of drive capacity as the hard drive that I believe may be bad? I do have the USB adaptor and if I understand correctly, the hdtune is something I can download onto another computer?

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RIK: I have the USB and hard drive hooked up to HDTune program. So far the computer nor the HDtune recognizes the drive. When I went into computer mgmt it shows a drive connected but it says it needs to be intialized and I am not sure if I should do this to the main drive for my other computer. Will initializing it erase it?

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I want to post back here to let everyone know that I got my computer working again. I have read and read on this site. One person suggested cleaning, checking all connections inside after unplugging everything. my power was okay and my hard drive tested okay. It was suggested when I restart my computer to press 'ALT' and 'F10' which I did. A screen came up. I was not able to click any of the choices so as last resort I just hit 'enter' and lo and behold, my computer screen came back and started normally. It doesn't look like I have lost anything. I am not exactly sure what I did other than work at it half the night and all of today, but I am happy to report this fixed. I am glad to know about the HDtune using the USB adaptor. I learned a lot about that process as well. THANKS!

Make sure HDD is connected with mother board with sata cables.

i think there is operating system probelm reinstalling the OS may resolve the ISUUE

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