my 500gb local disk C can't boot to the desktop, it only boot to starting windows and it can not move further again, i have a very important document i have to copy from it. i slave it to anothe computer to copy my stoff but it ask me to format it first. please can sombody help me to get access to my document? thank you.

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Recuva should be able to get your document, google will easily find it.

Boot using the windows cd/dvd, choose the option for recovery console.

In the command prompt type - chkdsk c: /r
and let it repair whatever errors it finds.

Then restart and boot from your hard drive. Hopefully, you will be able to boot to your desktop.

digisoftMate if i boot from the windows cd it does not get to rcovery console option for me to select and enter chkdisk c:/r command. the windows boot to starting windows, boot for some times and stop then i will hear some noise from the local disk. so my problem have not being slove yet, am only trying to get it up so that i can copy all my document.

easeus data recovery wizard can solve ur problem even u can get back all ur deleted files

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