I installed DESlock+, some encryption software, which needed to reboot to complete the installation. But upon reboot, the notebook never turned back on. The external system lights show that the notebook, cd-rom and hard drive are receiving power, but nothing happens... no sounds from inside, no monitor activity, no cooling fan. In fact, if left like this for long, the notebook will become incredibly hot, since the fans are running. What can I do? Anyway to reset something from the outside? Please help. This is a Toshiba Tecra 9000, running XP MCE. Thank you very much for any advice.

I got an M30 given to me the other day it was assumed the MB was toast but it is not.
The guy who owned before had some disassemble it and lost a lot of screws took away most of the heat sink gue.
But it now is shutting down or locking up. But I can only get it to work on the battery if I plug it in to the power it locks up or shuts down
But if off the power supply will charge the battery
I do need a cable for the wireless card this one has been damaged.
I know it will be a can of worms but it also looks like when I get it working it will be great laptop and for free it will be worth the time in.
Any help or thoughts would be appreciated

I now have it working for a time before it shuts (locks) Still havng issues with power supply but these Will go when I find another supply.
I have a question is there a switch or something that sets during the over heat If I shut it down before the system locks it will start back up after a cool down but if it locks up first I need to tap on the laptop to get it to work I'm thinking it is a sticky switch of some sort.
The other question I have is every time it boots up anfter I get a desktop it then loads or is trying to do something completing the login process takes over 2 mins acts like it is hanging or locked up but since the mouse moves around I know it is working.
I think this may have something to do with the sound card or something.
Also I have not heard the fan is there a way to test it with out having to put it all together first I did check it and it seems OK to look at it but if it is burned out I'm not sure only other option is to replace it and I do not know where to get these parts yet.
Any thoughts would be helpful

WOW just had a heart attack
had the laptop running removed the sound card software from safe mode restarted it log in to my network profile and the dam thing open a cmd wondow and started deleting my file from the server.
anyone seen this before I have seen alot of things oveer the years but this since this in a total new harddrive and has all the virus stuff.
Is ther a bios virus that would cause this
I have boot this thing several times this is the first time it has done this.
I was screwing around during the boot process and maybe I did something to tell it to delete but I sholdn't have seen the cmd window showing me the files going bye bye thank god for backup tape
Help really pulling hair out now