I have an external usb dvd drive and an internal blu-ray drive. I use both at the same time for ripping movies to My Book 3TB external hard drive. I've noticed that the external dvd drive is considerably slower than the blu-ray drive. Any idea if the cause is because the dvd drive is usb connection instead of internal drive? If I replaced it with an internal dvd drive do you think it would be faster? I don't know the R/W rates of the two drives.

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Ripping movies is illegal in most countries!

It is perfectly legle in USA IF I do not attempt to transfer the copies anywhere else, such as to another computer or over the internet. I've already looked up the laws on that one. I have the right to make one copy for myself.

I think you're right, USB is the bottleneck.
What flavour of USB do you have?

Even USB3 still has the extra overhead of SATA/USB conversion that an internal drive doesn't have.

The drive is USB 2

Technically speaking, thats only slightly faster than a snail going uphill!

You might get a tiny bit more performance if you rip to an internal HDD and copy it to My Book afterwards, but I wouldn't expect much from a USB2 device.

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