Hey everyone, I have a machine that works fine but when I shut it down it emits a constant beep until it turned back on or unplugged. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Odd. Care to give us a few small details, such as the make/model of the 'puter? ;)

It is a custom machine. Unfortunately, it is a work machine and I don't know the spec's without looking them up. I'll post MOBO etc next time I am in to work (probably Wednesday night).

First thing i would do is find out what motherboard you have, go on the internet and find some info about it.

The beeps are probably warning messages coming from it.... but its odd its doing it when its off.

DMR is right, we will need ot know some information in order to help you. If this is a work machine, you might want to download Everest Home edition, it's freeware, and will tell you what the motherboard is...and darned near anything else you want to know about the computer. What is nice about this is that you can find out all the information without having to open the case.


Just to be sure we understand the situation, are you saying that you get the error beep after you try to shut down the computer using the normal methods, and that it continues to beep until you either restart, or unplug the computer?