Dell optiplex held on bious logo , i remove hard drive and opticle bt problem still , after this i remove bious cell and remove main power cable for 10 mnts . But it still on bious logo . Whats problem of helding on bious logo ?

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Are you receiving a prompt saying that the system time is wrong?

Something that may be saying, "Press F2 to enter setup" ?

Have you checked your memory?

When i am switching on Pc its shows bious logo , not any keyboard key work . I have changed processor and ram also but same problem that helding on bious logo

Have you checked with your motherboard manufacturer to see if the processesor you installed is supported by your BIOS?

Yes Processor is according to my motherboard support , i make a search in Dell manual and documentation , I only find may be this fault of my harddisk But i fail to fix this Issue , here is artical which i follow to fix this issue
and all troubleshooting problem discuse in this link
I repeat my mother board held on Bious logo , I remove my hard drive , Optical Device , All Install cards , Now Mother board with ram and Processor , I apply power but problem not fixing

Do you know how to reset the CMOS?

Look on your motherboard manual for a CMOS jumper or CMOS reset.

You will want to do this after a major change such as this.

Yes i reset my cmos by removing cell & jumper bt as it is result

I have had the same problem with a motherboard, but on contacting the manufacturer they recommended that I flash the bios to the newest version.

Is the motherboard an OEM motherboard or an aftermarket motherboard?

Its after markeet not OEM

I would check with the manufacturer to see what your options are for flashing the bios.

BEWARE!!! If done improperly you can brick your motherboard.

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