I recently had to send my laptop back to Dell for some warranty work and when I got it back it had the same problem as before it went in. I was told that they replaced the system board but I am having my doubts. I'm going to send it back but before I do, is there any way short of opening up the case and looking (which I don't want to do) to uniquely identify the system board so that when I get it back I can verify that they did or did not replace the board?

The problem I am having is with the power supply. I get frequent pop-ups stating The AC power adapter type cannot be determined. Your system will operate slower and the battery will not charge. Please connect a Dell 90W AC adapter or higher for best system operation.

I also get a similar message on every boot requiring me to Press F1 to Continue, F2 to enter Setup or F3 to suppress further messages

I don't think there is a way to determine the uniqueness of the MB without opening the unit...

However, that PS warning message is common enough. I've seen it when I use a 60W charger in a dell model requiring 90W, or when using inferior 3rd party chargers that don't 'speak' to the Laptop correctly.

Are you still using the 90W that came with the laptop?

When you go into the CMOS setup is there a unique serial number present? I'm not familiar with the Dell laptops but i know for a fact that HP servers have unique serials that tie to the actual motherboard seriall.

I'm using the 90W adapter that came with the laptop. I just spoke to Dell and they are sending a replacement (which they should have done while it was in the shop).

Dell support is excellent. I have hundreds of machines and servers with their protective care and never have had an issue getting parts or replacements.

AFAIK, the serial number in the MB is programmable via some tech utility, which I have yet to get a copy of, to match the tag # of the unit.

I got another call back from Dell. They now want the entire laptop back. I hope they do a better job this time. This is the first time in five years I have had a problem with their repair service.

Very late in posting this but I got the laptop back within 10 days and it has been running just fine ever since.

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