To day i m checking a motherboard intel dg41rq with core to duo . This board continuesly beep for ram , ram already instaled , i checked many rams on this board but problem presist . I have tried to reset bios to fix this issue but fail , i checked every resistence on the board but not succeed to get fault ,
what is the posible problems to buzzling for ram while ram instald.

if it is buzzing for ram and you know you have good ram in it then it might be the ram slots/controler that the problem or are you sure its not buzzing for bad Video device

Yes i am sure its buzzing for ram not for bad video device ,
how can i adentify that wheres a ram controler ?

Problem in Ram slots & controler can be fixed or not ?

it would make it a motherboard problem ,as far as i knw not fixable .,if you are positive you are using correct ,good ram ,if its under warentee ,i would return it ,

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