Hello all, I have a Dell Studio XPS 8100. I was playing crysis 2 eariler today, and after an hour I quit the game. I left the computer standing for 15 mintues, and then was trying to open up google chrome. The problem was my computer was freezing, so I shut off the computer using the power button. Then when I boot it back up, I get the dell screen loading up, then after that, it does not boot up to windows. Instead it gives me this black screen that says: No Boot Device available , SATA 1:None, SATA 2: installed, SATA 3: NONE, STATA 4: None. I did not upgrade my hard drive or did not upgrade my motherboard. To repeat I can not access windows, and the BIOS will not even reconize my hard drive. Please help if you can. Thank you for your time.

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Your hard drive has developed a fault. It's time to get a new one.

Why did this happen, it was working fine for two years?

It can happen. It might help to have a Linux system on CD (or even better, on a USB stick) to boot from to check the drive. You also might want to invest a few dollars in a product called SpinRite. It is excellent for disk maintenance and data recovery.

Then again, you might just try uncabling the drive and plugging it back in. You just never know.

Thanks all, it was actaully a faulty psu. Just went to my local computer shop to buy a new psu. It works now, thanks again.

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