Ok my cd burner is giving me all kinds of problems i have a Lite- On LTR- 52246S. Ok well first when i look at it in the device manager its show up and Lite- On LTR 52246S SCSI Cd Rom Device. I dont know if a CD rom Device is the same as a CD burner or what. But what i dont understand is that when i look at the drivers for it the drivers are the exact same drivers that are used for my DVD Rom drive. The drivers list for my CD burner match the drivers for my DVD Rom Exactly. Now I know a DVD Rom and a CD burner use different drivers. If anyone can help me on what the problem is and how to fix it please let me know.

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Give us specific details:

- What are the exact names/versions of the drivers?
- What is the exact make/model of the DVD drive?


Does Device Manager show the Driver provider as Microsoft, and Digital Signer as Microsoft Windows Publisher? If yes, then it's perfectly normal. These drivers are standard ODD drivers and no other drivers are required if you want to use your drives solely for reading CDs/DVDs.

If on the other hand you want to write CDs/DVDs, then the required drivers are packaged with your burning software (Nero, EasyCD Creator etc). Though these won't show up in Devie Manager. Device Manager will always show the microsoft drivers.

Hope this helps.


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