to anyone that can help,

saw the threads about this issue but the scenario i encountered is a little different. it happens on and off. I have a 3 month old dell dimension 3000. the problem happened a couple of days ago in the morning. i turned the pc off and let it sit there for a couple of hours hoping that it was just a glitch. it booted up on the next try but now it is doing it again. any suggestions?

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Could be a number of things. Lets start with the most obvious, Windows. Insert your Windows CD into your CD-ROM drive and boot into the Windows Setup Screen. Press "R". Now since you have a Dell, and not a true Windows CD, I'm not entirely sure about which menu choices you'll see, but you want to find the Recovery Console. Once you get there, type: sfc /scannow

Now if you can boot into Windows, you can just click start >> run >> type: cmd >> type: sfc /scannow

Either one will work. After you do this, please run Windows Update. The sfc command will check your Windows files and replace any that are corrupt or missing. If this doesn't help, please repost and we'll try something else.



I sincerely appreciate the help on this issue. It's working again without me having to do anything but as soon as it acts up I am definitely using your advice. At least for now I can save all my files to an external drive.

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Any time, but I still suggest you running the sfc while in windows. Unless of course you are going to re-format or something.