Hi All,
I have a 128GB SSD that I use daily for off-site backups from our server. How many times can I expect to insert / remove it from the hot-swap drive bay before the connectors wear out? According to the SATA spec, the expected durability is 50 'matings' for a standard cable, but is it any different for a fixed connector in a drive bay. I currently insert / remove the SSD daily, 5 days a week.
Has anyone got any experience of them wearing out, and is there anything I can do to prolong life expetancy?
Many thanks,

If the connector is gold plated then theoretically it should last thousands of connective actions. However, if it is only what they call gold flash then the amount of connective actions possible are dramatically reduced, and that may be what those instructions are talking about were you mention the "standard cable".

I would expect a hot-swappable drive bay connecter to be gold plated and therefore capable of tolerating thousands of connective actions. Otherwise it would be rendered useless in no time at all.