:eek: hello, run the memtest86 in my pc with windows xp 256 ram, AMD1.7ghertz, had a problem, a message in the screen appeared "sdram at dimm#:1" run the memtest86, but after,in spite of find not errors, I need from too much time to enter to Windows, 20 minutes . before the memtest, only appeared the message, then it was restarting several times and was entering to windows

please, help me, why, I should change the memory....???
The message continues appearing, and windows is slow, very slow.
thanks for any answer....

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I'd change it because it's performance degrading, that's why.

Such things aren't really fixable, implying they aren't at all. Unless you're up to sauter new transistors onto circuitry, which would be the same effect if you bought a new stick.

Corrupt memory. :sigh: Couldn't tell you how it happened, just the fact that it did and now you prolly need a PC2700 stick or something, although I couldn't tell unless you specified your machine model/motherboard (if it's a custom).


thanks, my board is of PCCHIPS, M810L (V 9.0m). Duron CPU and 256M SDRAM memory onboard.


Alrighty, that board uses 168-pin SDRAM, meaning any memory you put in there should have two breaks in the metal interface of the memory stick. Above that is DDR SDRAM, which has a 184-pin interface with a single break. Then there's DDR2 SDRAM... 240-pins.

I advise something off of this page, but if you're not going to 'net shop, just look around an electronics store for a PC100 or PC133 model stick of RAM (may be a little hard to find). Your board has one memory slot, and can handle a stick up to a gigabyte in size.

Your best option is getting some 512Mb PC133 model by Kingston. Best of luck.

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