I was wondering if anyone could help.
I bought a grphics card (Powercolor Radeon ATI x800) and installed it today. I immediately saw something was wrong cos I got all sorts of lines on my screen). I tried to install the card again but had the same problem. At some point my computer would not start. i would get to a point where it said Primary Master none, Prmary slave (none), Secondary Master (none) Secondary master (none)
My computer is a 3700 Athlon on a PC Chips Motherboard with and AGP slot. I have two 80 gig Hard drives. I removed the second hard drive and all functioned again. Since then I have been trying to get the second drive to work again but every time I get the initial error if I plug it in. Also i am unable to get to the BIOS. It asks me to press delete to go to set-up and as soon as I press it I get a blank screen with just a cursor blinking. Does anyone know what i can do?


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Try resetting your CMOS. If your board has a BIOS reset jumper/switch, use it to reset. Else, remove the battery for 15 minutes, reinsert and power up.

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