pressing power switch, fans turn on for a second and then go off. green light is on the motherboard like its receiving power. LED on power switch not working. Its an old 350 watt power supply that I was going to use with new mobo,proccessor, ram. Old HDD. I didn't even put in the video card yet and I tried with only 1 stick of ram. (also tried with both sticks)
Was wondering if my standoffs are incorrectly placed on... tomorrow

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A 350 watt power supply is VERY underpowered for most current systems. It will not play nicely with most current video cards that often pull more than that. The biggest problem is that having an under-performing power supply will often cause serious system hardware failures as when the voltage drops due to power loads, the current increases. At some point, stuff starts to let the magic smoke out... :-(

Agree with Rubberman, PSU's are so cheap nowadays buy a decent spec make sure you buy one with the older ide cables or if newer make sure its for sata drives will save a lot of hassle, i have seen 500w - 700w psu's going for around £20 - £30

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