Hello ! First of all , Greets :) My problem is : I have 2computers Name " AMD / Intel The amd computer is problem I reseted Bios setting by botton i eman i have botton to reset bios setting in my motherboard and i changed cmos bettry i cleaned dust from my motherboard / ram / video card but it still doesn't show display When i put rams in my Intel PC it even doesn't show screen i thought it's a ram problem. How can i repair my ram? and Ram slot? when i put out ram from both pc it gives sound like Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps. I hope you expact all help me.

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if it gives beeps after removing the ram...then the ram has no problem..if its not the video card then it should be the video cable...if the problem persists,pls reply..

Assuming both systems (AMD and Intel) use the same type of RAM SIMMS, and using the AMD RAM in the Intel system exhibits this malfunction, then it is likely a RAM problem. Are you using 2, or 4 SIMMS? In any case, try leaving out one of the SIMMS (in order) to see if it boots OK. That is a means to determine if one of the RAM SIMMS is defective.

It beeps when you power it up it means that your motherboard is working. simply try with a new VGA or RAM

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