I have an Acer Aspire 4750Z, i found this problem this morning only when i try to turn on my laptop but it doesnt turn on. then my first thought i think its battery is weak so i recharge it turn it on and it will, but for almost 2 hours and the battery level is still in 57% charge and telling is still charging and it doesnt happen before charging this for to long, then when i try to unplug the AC adapter or the charger my laptop goes turn off. then i try to turn it on again but it doesnt turn on until i put back the AC adapter so i am thhinking there was any problem on my battery, but if it has maybe ms window will tell me that my battery has a problem BTW i am using window 7. please help about this maybe it has something with the software or anything because yesterday it is still working good and suddenly today it has a problem.

I will appreciate for any help.


Modern batteries have components within them. Isuspect one has failed. A new battery is your best bet.

is there no other way except for replacing it

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