hello im jeffreymrblls,

I am trying to connect my laptop to my flat TV by HDMI, before when i connect my HDMI cable to my TV it workeds there no problem.  But now I'm having some problems:: When I connect the HDMI cable of my flat tv to my laptop,. now it doesnt worked in my flat tv i can only see black screen no image anything but in my laptop theres no problem. only in my flat tv theres no image only black screen. i already try some ideas about updating the driver software changing the HDMI cable but still doesnt worked. i have a friend telling me that maybe the problem is in the driver software., but i dont know what driver software to install. . . .

can you pls. help me . . . . .

Between the time it worked, and the time it didn't, did you change anything on the computer, such as install new software, make configuration changes, etc? Also, are you sure the flatscreen works ok? Have you tried connecting it to another computer?


Try restarting the computer with the HDMI connected and the flatscreen running. Some times the OS wants all the screens connected when it starts. If it is Windows the right click on the screen and select displays and see if you can see both displays connected. But first try the power it on with the HDMI connected.

i would say something could be wrong with the HDMI cable or u need to check your Display settings and make sure that it says your connected and u can press "Detect Displays" and t might pop up. if nothing happens then i would try a different HDMI cable or maybe your display port is broken.

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