I recently had my toshiba satellite suddenly shut down, without a battery warning or anything.
It would not start up again, even after removing the battery, removing ram and hard disk and more.
When I plug in the power cord, it doesn't even show the charging light on the front.


there might be a problem with the power supply. please check with a customer service.

Always possible, but how was the battery charge? Mine just shut down, no lights or anything will display, but battery was fully charged and plugged in. I see some signs of possible battery corrosion or leak. Does the Toshiba power route through the battery (where a bad battery would terminate everything)? I know my old Acer could run without the battery in place.

Yeah I have seen this kind of thing before if no lights show up on the unit even when turned off but mains plugged in. To me that would indicate that the mainboard inside has gone and that wont be cheap to get fixed. So I suggest dig out the hard drive and put it in a external drive caddy then read the data that you need off of it from there.

Ps you can test the mains adapter with a multi meter but if the main unit is gone then that wont make much differnce.

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