Ok, well just joined here...hopeing I can get some answers :).

Well recently my computer has been crashing whenever I play certain games...such as Ragnarok Online, or Guild Wars.

The odd part about the crashing though is that they are all timed....so they stay on with no trouble for approximate amounts of times, but then they crash.

Ragnarok goes for about 6 Minutes, and 34 Seconds.
While Guild Wars is about 3 Minutes, and 24 Seconds.

Note: I do play in fullscreen mode.

If anyone could give me some insight that would be great!


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It's likely an overheating CPU of VGA.

You will need to check the heatsinks of those. They can get clogged with dust, preventing the cooling to take place. Also, if you recently changed the cooling of either, it is possible that the heatsink is not propperly installed. It has to be TIGHT and THIN layer of thermal paste needs to be applied on the chip.

Also, this can be game-related or driver-related issue and not hardware one. Or an internet connection issue. (both games are on-line, maybe you should try america's army just to see if it crashes too)

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