Intel or Amd which has good expirians. .

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To quote someone - it depends. Both are good.

Purchasing a pc can be a long procedure including many complicated choices, but none come with quite as much terminology as determining the best CPU.

Before you know it, you're sinking in discuss of cores and time rates of speed, outlet kinds and storage remotes, Bulldozer, Piledriver and more.

While you'll need to consider at least some of these issues, there's an simpler way to strategy your buying issues. And that's to neglect the technological details, just for when, and concentrate first on a more essential question: Apple vs AMD, which processor chips are the best for you?

You'll probably discover that responding to this is much more uncomplicated. And once you've created your option, many other choices about your new PC will drop into position, preserving you time.

Intel vs AMD: Apple CPUs

If you're after efficiency above else (and you can manage the cost tag) then Apple processor chips are usually the ideal option. As our "Best CPU" standards revealed, powerful individual primary efficiency indicates they usually outshine the competitors.

This question is as old as time itself. And I'm confused, as doesn't Apple use Intel now?

From what I understand there are benefits to AMD over Intel. I prefer Intel as a desktop and server system. They just seem to run cleaner. But recent research has uncovered to me that in a XEN Server environment, the Opteron chipset is better to do Virtual with. I can't find the article again so I can't back it up. I did the research because I wondered why my company went with Opterons instead of Xeon. There's a cost differential also to factor.

Yes Apple uses Intel in their Computers but their own chip in smaller devices like the A7, A8.

A performance article on the Apple chips

May be Intel, may be AMD, but i prefer Intel because it more efficiently and not so hot

AMD is good but if your preferring an i7 go for it bcauze my amd is equivalent to a i5

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There are fundamental differences between processors of different makes because processor speed relies on much more than just GHz. As explained in this article, AMD does more work per clock cycle, but Intel can achieve higher clock cycle rates. So, your decision will depend on this question, in the words of the person that wrote the article: "Do you want to do less work at a faster pace, or more at a slower pace?" There are advantages to both, so I would definitely do more research before making a decision, but I hope that this gives at least some insight.

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I just realized that the article I linked was from almost 10 years ago. So don't base your decision on it, as things have likely changed since then, but do keep it in mind.

I vote Intel for its efficiency and convenience.

I will go with intel but both are good.

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