hi guys,i need help. i just want to know how can i reformat a samsung laptop with windows 8 os. i want to change my os from windows 8 to windows 7 and i want to reformat it first..thanks

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hi, welcome to Daniweb .
when you boot to the win7 disk choose Advanced install and you can format it then

Windows 7 wont see the partitions on the hard drive because of the new filing system microsoft use with windows 8. If you have a windows XP Professional cd hanging around then you can use that to format the hard drive (make sure you do a full format rather than a quick format) then remove the XP cd just before the format completes, then insert the windows 7 disk and restart the laptop.

This method works, I have used it many a time.

You are correct Rik ,one day i will remember that ,i have win8 on older computer and win7 see the partitions just fine ,i guess i need a new computer so i can experience the tru win8 security and other features

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