When I try installing win 2000 or even booting to access windows, I receive a stop error:
0x0000007A (0xe193934C, 0xc000000E, 0xa00c3d35, 0x02432860), Kernel Data Inpage Error; Address: a00c3d35 base at a0000000, Date Stamp 38438ff7-win 32 k sys, Beg dump of physical memory.

The laptop is a Portege 7000Ct. I get a beeping sound when I hit any key and it won't boot from cd. I finally accessed A: drive but not sure how to proceed from here to erase the op and install win 2000. It could be a virus or damage to hard drive.

is this laptop as old as i find in search of internet [8 or 9 yrs ]
when you access A:\ drive what disk do you have in the drive ,cant tell you what to try if i don't know what floppy you have in the drive

I finally got killdisk to work in a: drive and erasing everything, but not sure how to ensure hard drive is ok and install win 2000. It is a 32 sys and won't let me put win xp. There must have been a virus on hard drive or damage somewhere, that's why I erased everything. But not sure where to go from here to get it up and going again with drivers, correct bios, etc. to install win 2000. Thanks.

so i guess part of my ? is answered as you were trying to use killdisk .,you need to go to bios and change boot sequence to boot from cdrom first, then use win2000 disk to load windows.
so how old is this laptop !!????????????????????????????

It was probably orig '98 version. I have created partition and format but install can't complete, always get stop error during this process ox000000ce.

Have you tried to work with your memory modules? Try that too.

Not sure how to complete that task of working with memory modules.

Now, I am trying to repair hd using spotmau but my mouse is not working to use the program and I need to know what keys to use on the keyboard to position the cursor where I need it.

I have also downloaded the necessary drivers, bios info, etc. from Toshiba but do not know how to intall on hd from cd. When I take out the boot disk to insert cd, recovery cd, etc, I get error.

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