i have HP Pavilion 8612.its a pentiumIII with 600Mhz.it has (64+128)MB RAM and 40GB HD.
I have win XP installed on this system.Now the problem is that whenever i connect to the internet my system hangs someytimes within 5 minutes or sometimes after 30 minutes.i have tried many things(i have norton 2006 with all updates and that removed all viruses from my system) but tyhis hanging problem is not rectified.
I then installed win98 that came al0ng with my PC. Though the speed of the system drastcally increased, the problem of PC hang on connection with net became severe n my PC start getting hanged as soon as i connected to the net.
then i formatted my C drive and agian installed XP on it.then i defragmented it.but the problem is still there.
i would also like to mention that limewire also causes crashes a lot.
now i have almost stopped surfing on my PC a s it is very frustrating to reboot it after every 10 minutes n startt everything over n again.
a local vendor told me that my 128 MB RAM is not fine n i should get it changed.but if this is a RAM problem then why does the PC hang ojly when it is connected to net.So i thought of rtaking forum's help.
it would b appreciable if somebody could help me on this.
i think i have provided all the relevant information abt my PC.

if uve tried formatting the whole system then i guess its a hardware problem. 128mb isnt really enough but if thats so then the system should crash immediately rather than sometimes waiting for 30 mins. try a ram upgrade( dirt cheap for a 256mb stick) but only if ure sure its nothing else that causing the problem.
at the end of the day your comp sounds quite old and so maybe its just time to get a new 1.

i cant think of any other reasons if uve formated properly.

any1 else got any ideas?

thanx chrissplat 4 ur reply.
but there is one thing i wanna tell you... i have'nt formatted my whole system but only C drive where i install the windows.
but i ran a full system scan through norton 2006 and all the known viruses r out of my system(atleast the software says so).
So, should i format the whole of the system ... can it help solve my problem..

well...if nothing else works then yes. at least then you'll know its either a problem with windows itself or a hardware fault rather than a virus etc.

btw its alot of effort to install evrything again so try to find another fix first

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