i have a compaq presario and i wanna to restore my system but the quickrestore dont work i press it and nothing comes on wut should i do someone please help i need to restore my computer...

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I would try doing a restore from safe mode. Turn on your PC, and when the first Windows Screen Appears, press F8 lots.

This should bring up a menu, from which you can select "Safe Mode".

Starting Safe mode, should automatically ask if you want to do a restore, but you can just launch from

Start > All programs > accesories > system tools > system restore.

Tell us what you problem is, maybe we can help further.


ummmm...I believe she wants to restore her PC..as in OS reinstall (Compaq provides a disc, called the Restore Disc), and not as in System Restore

Josey, you need to boot off of the Quick Restore CD that came with your computer and follow the instructions provided. I can't give you more details as branded computers have a different way of restoring the OS (another reason I hate branded PCs).


I thought that would be more of a Recovery, as in Recovery Disk. I'm sure if Josey tells us a little more about the problem, we can offer a little more about the solution.


well in safe mode it didnt work..my computer didnt came with a restore cd ..u restore the computer by Start > compaq support > quickrestore i dont know wat i did wrong ... when i push the quickrestore button the program opens but then it closes really fast it dosent start my coputer is a compaq 7994 its win98se i dont know wut to do any ideas please help me


try running windows update, see if there is an update for quick restore or if that doesn't work try searching for the folder "quicksr" (without quotation marks), open it then try opening the file "user backup". This should create a user back up and then try and run system restore. Hope this helps.


THANX it did work thanx to all of u guys you guys are great ....problem solved

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