I have my Toshiba satellite c660-2d8 just
switch off when am busy play some music and
won't turn on even the power lights just switch
off even when i connect the charger and am
just get frustrated I don't nw what to do

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It seems that your laptop is overheating due to a massive build up of dust clogging the air intake fan, with the possibility that you may also have fan failure. Have look underneath the laptop, do you see a dust build up around the air intake?
Leave the laptop off for a while, then try starting it. If it starts, can you feel any air coming out the exhaust outlets or hear a fan spinning?
Unforunately, to completely clean the dust out involves almost disassembling the entire laptop. See if you can obtain a manual for your laptop. That should show you what needs to be disassembled. From there you can decide whether this is an issue you wish to rectify yourself.
If it seems too overwhelming, I'd recommend having the laptop serviced by a reputable computer repairer.

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To clarify things, are you saying that the laptop was running fine, then it just completely turned off with no error message and since then the laptop will not turn on?

Try removing the battery and disconnecting the power adapter. Then hold the power button down for 30 seconds.
Put the battery back in, connect the power adapter and try starting it.

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