needing some help about this matter.

1.) i changed the setting on BIOS pressed F10 then reboot and when i checked again the bios the setting i've changed wasn't saved.

2.) after the windows loading screen. it reboots by itself.

please help me.

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1) Make sure you press "Save all and quit", what are you changing in the bios?
2) Is it doing this over and over again?

Did you save the BIOS settings after changing them?

yes i did it but the setting still didn't change.

Hmm, it seems lyk your CMOS may have run out of power. Consider replacing the CMOS battery.

okay i will. thanks. but does it have like any specifications like ex: in ram, its frequency. things like that?

I am not sure, but what I am aware of is that when the CMOS battery runs out of power, it is not able to store computer settings anymore. So;; you could consider replacing it. That should do the trick.

i tried to replace the cmos battery. but the problem still occurs. help me please.

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