Hey, I need help. So yeah I just built my new computer and same issue with no display but everything turns on. Is it possible that it be the CPU at all? I tried everything else and even bought a new mobo and two more sticks of RAM.
AMD A6-5400K
MSI A88X Gaming Mobo (figured if I had to buy a new one it would be a cool one, the previous mobo was the ASUS A55BM-K)
RAM- 2x2GB GSKill one 4GB GSkill stick
GPU- XFX Radeon R7750
480w PSU (Logisys I think)
Western Digital 500GB Storage Blue

It probably has to do with how you wired it up. It is unlikely that it's the fault of the CPU or RAM.

I see, I might have to take it in to see where the problem is then. Thank you.

maybe your configuration on the settings


Have you tried your onboard vga connection or just the graphics card?

Configuration problem

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