A young kid came to my garage (house) where I have all kinds of computer things, he respectfully ask me to help him fix his computer, I know he doesnt have money to repair the Laptop and it is a nice Laptop, when I checked it out my eyes popped out to see if I could get the equipmet but Im not that way. Im honestly trying to repair the kids equipment, so I started taking screws from here from there, and from everywhere, right now the computer is completelly dissembled and I checked as much as I could to see if the LCD Panel had a fault visible but nothing appears to be obvious, the machine throws image when I connect it to a monitor but the LCD remains black, I noticed there is a circuit board on the bottom of the screen (which may be damaged) and I noticed that behind the LCD panel there is also a circuit board. Any good suggestions, I dont have the money to go and get another LCD panel to see if it works. Any tricks? Any gurus out there? Thanks a lot. Carlos Amaya Aguirre.

The circuit at the bottom of the screen is the backlight inverter. It is most likely that that is at fault.
The backlight inverter will have a surface mount fuse on it, it's most likely that that has failed. You can test it's continuity with a digital volt meter. DO NOT use the volt meter on the inverter while it's powered or you will get a really nasty shock.
A surface mount fuse can usually be replaced for just a few pence provided you can solder!

I will upload an image of the backlight inverter, but first I will try to locate the fuse that you tell me about, if im unable to find the fuse I will ask you for help again, you have been great help and the kid will surely will be real happy. Im in Mexico city, and I studied Associate Degree in Computer Science in WA, St. USA, I want to make many friends from the USA because I love people from overthere. Thanks again RIK.

In order to indentify the fuse it will need to be a very clear picture!