My name is Jonathan and I would appreciate some assistance in finding out what is wrong with my computers cd rom. It just is'nt there. At least that is what the message says when I go to access a cd.

The computer was turned off and disconnected for some time while Moving and painting. At start up, the computer works okay with everything but the cd rom. It is a demension 2400 dell.

I felt that perhaps the driver was mission or something, so I did download it from the internet; R92760.exe which is the driver for a
samsung cd rw/dvd sm-352F.

Still the message I get is "Drive not found.

Could someone please help........I'm lost for what to try next, or do to correct the problem.

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Hello Jonathan welocme to daniweb ,
try opening computer and removing the ribbon cable to the cdrom and mother board and reinstall then ,might be loose .iuf no difference
, right click mycomputer /properties /device manager ,click on the + by cdroms if there and click on the cd rom listed ,if there ,and remove it and reboot computer this will reinstall the drivers ,or it could be that your cdrom just up and died on you ,good luck

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