Hello, I have a HP ze4500, no matter what I try, I can not get it to power on. The battery light in front is flashing amber. I purchased a new power adapter and still will not power on. Does anyone know what the issue is and maybe have a fix for it?

Could be the power socket on the laptop is broken - you would need to open it up to have a look. If you just need to recover the data, remove the drive and put it in an external USB enclosure to be able to read the data from another computer...

I don't think its the power socket, as I am actually getting a flashing amber light.

Have you removed the battery repluged in the power adapter and tried to boot that way?
I ask because sometimes a bettery issue will stop a boot process.

Yes, I did try that and still the same issue.

It sounds more of a hardware problem rather than software to me. Is it a new laptop or has it worked before? If we follow logic, if it doesnt turn on either from the battery nor the plug, then the problem should be located after the power supply and not in it. That leads me to the motherboard :( What if the power button itself won't work? Could you test that or your laptop still has warantee and you are not opening it?

The laptop was given to me, it did work at one time when my friend had it, he he just purchased a new one. It's no lnger under warantee. what's the best way to test the power button?

Um, do you actually see any light at all when pressing it? Does anything start working or its completely dead?

The only light is the flashing amber light, which is on the front of the system and the green light on the pwr adaptor. The pwr button does not light up at all.

seems like a hardware problem ..open ur lappy and replace hdd and try if not work change ur ram then test ..and first of all clean ur motherboard sometime dust and mousture makes prob. like that