The other day I installed a second internal hard drive so that I can put ubuntu on it. The primary hd has windows 7. Using the Ubuntu windows installer everything installed without a problem. When I rebooted I got a lot of error messages during bootup and finally the boot manager menu. I selected Ubuntu but it fails to start -- tells me to insert a disk. Selected Windows and it booted without a problem.

I checked bios bootup settings and it appears to me to be ok. Isn't it possible to have a bootable second hard drive, or do all operating systems have to be on the same primary hd, just in different partitions?

Form what all I read on google it's not possible to boot from other than the first installed drive. So, I'm just forgetting that idea, reinstalled Windows to consume the entire hard drive. I told my sone to put me in a padded room if I ever try that again :)

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