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And is it safe to buy refurbished graphic cards because i found a site offering refurbished cards. Will they break easier?


What do you need PCIe or AGP? If you have an AGP slot you can go through ATI.com right now they have refurn ATI X800XL's with a 3 year warranty for an astounding $80.00 US. If you go with an online shop check the reseller ratings and policies. Newegg.com is usually pretty good with refurbs, but i would not get a refurb through them i would only buy new. ATi.com sounds good though.

Edit just noticed that there is a 9800 Pro for sale in this forum in FSFT - that is if you need and AGP card. I would ask for trader feedback though like HEAT.


I'm a hardcore gamer and the best place for all pc parts is newegg for sure and they have the cheapest prices and shipping rates. good luck


Yeah newegg is great. I was a Directron.com system reseller too and i also bought mainboard from them and they're also very good. But it is a very well known fact that many hardcore gamers get thier cards in FSFT prominent hardware forums - you just have to be careful and know what to look for.

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