I probably need a lot of help!

After Playing the Sims 4 game I turned off my pc
This Morning however when i turned it on it worked but no display! I tried removing the GPU and putting it back in. I even tested the RAM in another pc no errors.
GPU works as well no errors.
HDD works brand new gave it a bloody Surface test srry for my language um but no errors.
All fans work and so does the PSU.

I am beginning to suspect its the CPU/MOTHERBOARD Thats overloaded and fried itself cleaned all dust out of CPU and no luck.

I really appreciate it if some kind person will help me out.


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OH AND THE SCREEN IS FINE tried in other monitors but no avail.

Did you just turn it off, or did you shut it down? If it is running and you shut it off (power down without shutting down) you can do a lot of damage, mostly to the disc drive. Can you get into the BIOS?

Well Well... My PC actually started up I probably thinks its a Faulty GPU TIME TO BUY A NEW ONE!


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