I have just purchased the zalman Z11 Plus, I need to ask a few questions:

My motherboard is: http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/M5A78LMUSB3/ , There are 3, 3 pin fan connections in the case; Are there any fan connectors on my motherboard?

My case has USB 3.0, My motherboard doesn't, what can I do to solve this? Also there are internal 19 pin headers to external to male in the back USB 3.0 ports but I don't think the wires will be long enough. Any ideas?

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I look at ur mother board i could not find any 3 type pin for your case fan , 3 extra usb port for your front usb pannel located at your switching panel . Further i Can exactly guid u when u upload picturs of fan and usb port jeck with used wire color combination sequence .


Ok, so it only supports one fan correct? I will get that adapter.

Thanks for the help mate :)

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