Bold Text Herehelp me with Microsoft Windows 7 OEM EN 48 in 1 For All Laptop / PC ISO DVD <<<< i need it pleas

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Well, you go and torrent it somewhere. You won't get any advice from here for that cracked OS.
Other than that, I spose...
And if you get burned with something nasty in it, you won't get help with that, either. More advice. Sigh.

If you have a valid license, then you can get a copy from the computer maker. If not, you will need to purchase a copy. Anything else is theft... :-(

This is one reason why I use Linux. No license and no cost. Yes there is a license, but it doesn't prevent you from using the system - just from changing it, distributing it, and not allowing those you distribute it to from getting your changes.

Google is your friend.

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