I have an HP G61 That ran Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. For the past couple of months it would make a buzzing noise that sounded like it was coming from the hard drive. I would have to hit the laptop on the left side beside the touchpad before it would stop. Rebotting it wouldn't fix it. Within the last few weeks, a new symptom appeared. The laptop would unexpectedly freeze up and when I did a hard shutdown, then turned it back on, the screen would be blank except for two thin blue lines. The fan would kick on like normal and the DVD drive would make noise, but nothing from the hard drive. I would have to remove the hard drive, then put it back in before it would finally boot up.
I thought the hard drive might have been failing because it sounded like the noises were coming from it. But today when I got on the laptop, I woke it up and from the very beginning it was lagging badly. It had been in sleep mode all night and most of the day. It suddenly made a very loud rattling noise like something had broken or the hard drive had a catastrophic fail or something. I shut it off and rebooted it and I got the black screen with the blue lines again. The fan came on and the DVD drive came on as well like before. No unusual noises this time either. I removed, then put the hard drive back in like before, but this time nothing happened. The black screen remained.
On a hunch, I put my hard drive in a different laptop and it booted up just fine. I put a different hard drive in the laptop as well and got the black screen still.
Any ideas what would cause it to do that? And is it worth repairing or just parting out?

A bit more info:
About two months ago, my brother broke the screen. There is a hole in the middle of the screen (it doesn't go all the way through the screen), and the screen is no longer plugged in. I'm not going into details on how he broke it so badly.
Also, the battery is giving me problems. The laptop won't power up for several minutes if the battery dies and the charger is plugged in. And the laptop won't turn on unless the battery is plugged in. The battery won't hold a charge for more than 10-15 minutes.

Sounds like it's time to either replace or repair it.

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