I am running windows xp on my pc and recently I have had a "blue box" with a lock inside that appears locked sometimes and then flashes to unlock. It is always in the center of the screen and briefly disappears at times. Whatever is on the screen this blue box with lock is always on top. This box appears the moment I boot up and I cant seem to get rid of it!!!!! Any suggestions on what the problem is and what I might do to eliminate this annoying blue box with lock????
Help, TW

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well a simple way is boot in safe mode by holding F8 and choosing safemode WITH networking from the selection screen, once in windows, Start->Run->msconfig, move over to the startup tab and look for any suspicious programs and if you believe you have found one before fiddling with it google the process name without the extension. The first link is the one you want and it will tell you whether or not it is a critical system process or is a virus/spyware/adware.

Hope this helps, if not just post a reply with what went wrong and I will try to help again.

Thanks, I will try it and let you know. TW

I booted up holding down the F8 key and choose Safemode with networking then Start/Run and a small window came up so I tried to type in "msconfig" but the keyboard was locked up. So I went the search window and tried to search it there but the keyboard still would not work. So I searched for "msconfig" manually and could not find it!? Yes the Blue Box with Lock is still appearing. So I decided to reboot and try it normally "Start/Run and type in msconfig" in small search window and it worked, but I did not find any suspicious files.
I am thinking about doing a total dump! Save our important files, dump everthing and put the disc in and "Reload" (as a last resort).
If you have any other ideas let me know. Thanks, TW

Problem solved! :) I ended up going to "Start/Open/msconfig" (somewhat like what Shawn had suggested) and starting with the first item on the list unselecting it then do restart to see if the Blue Box with Lock disappeared. Third item on the list was it, Blue Box with Lock all gone! Thanks, for the help. TW

i have the same blue box - no menu inside, no messege, and it star on boot, over bios etc
win XP

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